Are you road ready for Europe?

Nearly a quarter of UK motorists who are venturing to Europe this summer will be doing so for the first time, yet one-in-five will be doing zero preparation for their journey*.

Did you know that if you’re in Spain and you usually wear glasses to drive, it’s compulsory to carry a spare pair in the car with you, as a motorist in Vienna, you’re prohibited from using your horn in the vicinity of a hospital and in Austria it’s mandatory to form an emergency corridor whenever congestions occurs on motorways or dual carriageways.

Sound confusing? Fear not. We’ve put together a super handy guide on the steps you need to take and the things you’ll need to carry when driving across Europe this summer


Kate Rock, PR & Corporate Communications Manager at Goodyear Tyres UK, comments: “Driving rules vary significantly across Europe, so it’s important that motorists who are planning to travel overseas prepare for their journey.

“What you don’t want is for your holiday to turn in to a nightmare from a hefty motoring fine because you’ve not put the time aside to brush up on rules and regulations.

“We would also urge motorists to give their car a maintenance check before heading off, including checking their tyre pressure and treads. Not only will this help improve fuel economy, but it could also help prevent accidents and breakdowns.”

Check out our country-by-country checklist below:

Compulsory and recommended driving pack
Original registration document
Third party motor insurance
GB sticker
Ability to adjust headlights
Full driving license
2 breathalysers
Reflective jacket
Warning triangle
First aid kit
Spare tyre

France & Monaco
Minimum age of motorist: 18
Lower speed limits apply in wet weather (visual of rain on a motorway with speed limit changing to 68mph/110km/h
It’s illegal to drive with a satnav that shows the whereabouts of speed cameras

Minimum age of motorist: 18
It’s illegal to overtake a school bus when children are getting off it.
Children under 3 years must ride in the rear of the car
Autobahns (motorways) have an 80mph speed limit.
Cars must not be fitted with summer tyres during winter weather conditions

Minimum age of motorist: 18
Compulsory to form emergency corridor whenever congestion occurs on motorways or dual carriageways.
Motorists are prohibited to use their horn in Vienna in in the vicinity of hospitals.

Minimum motorist age: 18
Motorists who passed their test 3 years ago must not exceed 55mph on dual carriageways and 62mph on motorways
Fines for serious offences between 10pm and 7am are increased by a third
Minimum motorist age: 18
If you are towing something you must not exceed 49mph
Warning triangle must be kept within easy reach
Pedestrians generally have the right of way and expect vehicles to stop
Must display a ‘vignette’ (motorway tax) sticker
Children under 13 are not permitted to sit in the front seat

Minimum motorist age: 18
Anyone getting out of your vehicle in a breakdown situation on a motorway, main road must wear a reflective jacket
If you need glasses to drive, you must carry a spare pair with you in the car.
For an extensive breakdown of touring tips and driving legislation by country, drivers can visit the AA’s website.

*Research from Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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